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My Top Must-Have Kitchen Tools

1.Cutting Board: You need a large cutting board to work with that is comfortable, its a good idea to have two, one for your meats and the other for your veggies.

14. Sharpener, Kitchen Scale, Kitchen Shears, Potato Masher: These you can miss out. But for as for me, I need the sharpest knife I can use and to keep my knife sharp I had to get a good sharpener . As for the Kitchen scale and Shears they simplify my prep work when I am cooking. The Potato masher with a curved head allows you to get into corners of bowls and pots and it simply makes quick mashed potatoes. 

15. Oven Mints: Well my hands are precious. you wouldn't want to burn those nice hands if you are to cook the next day :-) 

Hope this helps you my fine friend to get an idea of what to buy for your new kitchen and by all means you do not have to have all of these, there are so may tools out there to make your cooking experience easier and fun. So fell free to share your thoughts by commenting below. 


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